Madison Bird and Animal Consignment Auction

Madison County Fairgrounds

401 West 6th St. North

Madison, Nebraska

Spring Sale - Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

8:30 a.m.

UPDATE: We will check in late arrivals Sunday as long as the sale is still going.

Consigners are encouraged to call or e-mail consignments so we can advertise your item here.

The following list includes items called in early. This is a small portion of items that will be checked in the weekend of the sale.

  • female pearl cockatiel
  • whitefaced cinnamon pearl cockatiel
  • parakeets
  • several hedgehogs
  • lavender and pearl guineas
  • buff geese
  • Royal Palm turkeys
  • muscovie ducks
  • African geese
  • Buff Orpington pullets
  • pekin ducks
  • Cochins
  • Barred rocks
  • Pair Elliot pheasants
  • 2 yellow-golden pheasants
  • 1 black Francolin pheasant
  • 2 Pair Standard White Wyandottes-show stock
  • Standard Partridge Wyandottes-show stock
  • Standard Rhode Island Reds-show stock
  • Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock bantams-show stock
  • Pedigreed Siamese Mini Satin rabbits
  • Pedigreed Black Otter Netherland Dwarf doe
  • Pedigreed Holland and Fuzzy Lops
  • several pairs and trios of Mexican Speckled and Snowflake Quail
  • Buff Bobwhite quail
  • Several proven breeder pairs cockatiels
  • 1 broken standard Satin buck-pedigreed show stock
  • 1 Flemish Giant Doe-pedigreed show stock
  • 1 pair Triantha rabbits-pedigreed show stock
  • Netherland Dwarf rabbits-pedigreed show stock
  • 2 Little Giant Incubators
  • New set skidloader tires- 12 x 16.5
  • New set tires-Goodyear wranglers 265/R17
  • New set tires- Goodyear MTS-235/75 R15
  • New set trailer tires 225/75 R15
  • Used BF Goodrich pickup tires- 265 70/7
  • Additional trailer tires
  • Rabbit cages, chinchilla cages, lots of bird cages, aquariums, miscellaneous small bird and animal equipment.
  • 100 small bales weed-free grass hay
  • brooder hoods and miscellaneous feeders and waterers
  • 100 year-old red laying hens
  • 7 year old gray & white pinto miniature stud pony, halter broke, used to kids being led around on him
  • 4 year old sorrel w/ flaxen mane and tail miniature pony mare, super sweet, halter broke, used to kids being led around on her
  • Palm Turkey Pairs
  • Call Duck Pairs
  • Muscovy Ducks
  • White-Crested Black Polish Bantam Pairs
  • 8-9 ponies - most are tame, all colors
  • Sicilian donkeys - 3 jennies, 3 jacks
  • Registered ponies - jenny, filly, and stud colt
  • Peach Lovebirds
  • Black masked Lovebirds
  • Lady Gouldian finches
  • Cockatoo-female- 8 years old
  • Male llama bottle baby Update: Bottle baby llama is not coming, but call if interested.
  • Pr. Hedgehogs
  • skinny black guinea pig
  • Dewlap geese
  • dark gray chinchillas - 2 females, 1 male
  • mosaic chinchillas - 1 female, 1 male
  • hedgehog cinnamon colored - 1 female
  • Chinchilla Flemish giants - 4 does, 2 bucks
  • 4 tame male gerbils - 2 brown, 2 gray
  • 2 miniature donkeys-bred females
  • flemish giant rabbits
  • 2 GQF incubators -plexiglass doors - with roller stands
  • 1 GQF hatcher - plexiglass door - with roller stand
  • call ducks
  • pilgrim goose
  • Pr. Turkens


    Bottle baby goats will be sold in the commercial building.


    Wanted: We have had calls to see if the following will be available:

  • Rhode Island Red bantams
  • Incubators
  • Norwegian Jaerhon rooster
  • Silver Grey Dorking bantams or standards
  • ferrets
  • teddy bear hamsters
  • angora rabbits
  • Macaw


    Smith Poultry will NOT be setting up at this auction.

    Cedar Hollow Farm will be setup in the small animal/house bird building for this sale with items such as honey, handmade goat milk soap, lotion, beeswax lip balm, bird toys and more. They will not have their entire inventory here so you may also pre-order their products from their online store to have your ordered delivered here to save shipping and also be sure you get the products you want.



    All sheep and goats must have scrapies tag. If not tagged, we will tag them at a charge of $1.00 per head.

    State regulations require that we only sell pygmy goats and exotic types of goats and sheep. We will not accept meat and dairy goats.

    No cattle accepted.

    Horses and donkeys: MINIATURES ONLY accepted. Please call to pre-consign.

    No potbelly pigs over 6 weeks of age. Baby pigs must be brought in a cage with bedding.

    New for fall 2012 auction: Due to Game and Parks commission changes, we will not auction gamebirds or animals that require a state game permit (ie. Canada geese, ringneck pheasants, bobwhite quail, etc. ). Instead, we are going to offer a swap area for people interested in buying or selling these types of birds. Buyer and seller will handle all paperwork and payments. Madison Auction will provide set-up area at no charge. Swap will start at 10:00 a.m. and close at 11:00 a.m. Buyers and sellers responsible for all parts of transactions. Buyers must remove at time of purchase. Sellers must bring birds in a wire cage that can be sold with the bird(s). Bedding, food, and water need to be provided in cage.



    Consignments Taken

    Saturday, March 1st from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Sunday, March 2nd from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

    Sale Schedule:

    8:30 a.m.- Main Ring

    9:00 a.m.- Ring 2 - Hoof stock

    10:00 a.m. - Ring 3 - Cage birds and pocket pets sell in separate heated building

    Equipment in 4-H building following livestock.

    1:00 p.m. - Rabbits and pigeons in Ring 2

    Lunch will be served by the Norfolk Optimist club.

    Space is available for vendors - Please call ahead.

    No chicks will be checked in on Saturday.

    Consigners are encouraged to call or e-mail consignments so we can advertise on website.

    All birds and small animals sold by the head in order consigned.

    Cage Requirements

    Sturdy wire cages with solid bottoms required for all birds and small animals.

    Bedding, feed, and waterers required for all cages.

    Game birds must have tags attached at check-in time.

    Birds in poor condition or poor boxes will be rejected.

    IMPORTANT: If you are bringing birds or animals from out of state, a certificate of veterinary health is required. Entry permit is available at no charge by calling 402-471-2351

    Admission - $4.00 per person

    Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards accepted

    No out of state checks.

    Call Dix or Linda Scranton for more info


    weekend of sale, also may call 402-454-2144


    Commissions and Fees

  • Commissions:

    Birds, Animals, equipment per head or item
  • 23%.....up to $200.00
  • 18%.....$201.00 to $400.00
  • 15%.....$401.00 to $600.00
  • 12%.....$601.00 or more

  • Minimum Commissions:

  • $1.25 per cage
  • $5.00 goats and sheep
  • $10.00 all other hoof stock

  • No Sale or Buy Back Fees:

  • Birds, rabbits, equipment-$2.00 minimum or
    20% of last bid, $15.00 maximum.
  • $7.50 for goats or sheep
  • $15.00 for all other hoofed stock

  • Handling Fee:

  • $2.00 handling fee will be assessed per seller.
  • Fee is $2.00 per seller, NOT per cage or per item.

  • Checks will be mailed to sellers after 10 business days.